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About Jurists Employment Law Netherlands

Our experienced jurists specialize in dismissal law. For over 20 years, we have supported employees in dismissal situations. Are you facing dismissal and seeking help? We are here to assist you.


Assistance with Dismissal and Settlement Agreement

Our jurists' advice is free. Call 088-20 50 899 or email info@transitievergoeding.nl. After receiving initial advice from our jurist, you decide if you want to proceed with our services.


What Are Our Prices?

Most dismissals are resolved through a settlement agreement. Our jurist provides a free review and gives you feedback on the findings. If there are errors in the settlement agreement or if your compensation is too low, our jurist can negotiate for a better arrangement. We recover our legal costs from your employer, so it costs you nothing.


Why Does Your Employer Pay for Your Legal Assistance?

Employers are willing to cover the costs if you are not at fault for the dismissal, which is usually the case with a settlement agreement. Since a settlement agreement is new and unfamiliar to you, you won’t sign it right away. It’s logical to seek the assistance of a jurist, and thus the employer pays for this. Sometimes, the settlement agreement already states that the employer covers the legal costs. If not, our jurist will arrange this.


Our Jurists Help You in 2 Steps:

1. Free Review of Your Settlement Agreement

Have you received a settlement agreement? Do you want to know if the transition compensation is correctly calculated? Is your entitlement to unemployment benefits secure? Is the notice period accurate?

Our jurist checks the following points: Entitlement to unemployment benefits, notice period, amount of transition compensation, nullification of non-compete and non-solicitation clauses, financial final arrangements such as payment of holiday allowance and leave days, 13th month, and any bonus. This review is free.


Free Check of Your Settlement Agreement

After the review, the jurist discusses the outcome with you over the phone. You can sign the settlement agreement for approval only if it is legally correct. Upload the settlement agreement, and our jurist will contact you.


✔️ The review is 100% free and non-binding

✔️ Customer rating: 9.4

✔️ Secure your unemployment benefits

✔️ Response within 1 hour

✔️ We take complete care of you


If you have any questions or prefer to speak to a jurist before uploading and sending the documents, call 088 20 50 899 or email info@transitievergoeding.nl.


2. Negotiating with Your Employer for a Better Severance Package

It’s important that your employer compensates you adequately for the dismissal. Have you received a settlement agreement? Is your employer only offering the transition compensation? Are you not satisfied and want to negotiate a better deal?


Our Jurist Negotiates for a Better Deal and Higher Compensation

Our employment jurist evaluates your employer's proposal. Is the severance pay sufficient? Is there room for negotiation? If so, what are the options?

You receive advice on the possibilities and next steps. Our jurist starts negotiations with your employer and makes a counter-proposal (higher severance pay, later dismissal date with continued salary, etc.). Our jurist conducts multiple negotiation rounds and evaluates your employer's final offer. You agree only when you are completely satisfied. Our jurists achieve the best possible outcome for you. We recover the costs from your employer.


One Handling Jurist Represents Your Interests

You will have one handling jurist who is your point of contact with whom you discuss progress. This jurist studies your case and fully represents your interests. Everything is done in consultation with you, from assessing the possibilities and your negotiation position to the negotiations. Your handling jurist takes complete care of you.


Outstanding services have been provided in relation to guiding and consulting during the settlement agreement process.

I’d like to express my gratefulness to Bas Wielink, who represented me as my lawyer during the settlement agreement process with my employer. From the moment Bass contacted me, he provided exceptional service, advise and support. Our communication was flawless, clear and always to the point without any delays. I highly recommend Bas Wielink, to assist and support anyone with the employment and labor cases.


Transparent, smooth, and expert advice plus communication

Employment Law Lawyers Netherlands are experts when it comes to disputes between employers and employees. Just that extra security when you don't have additional coverage.


Exceptional help with dismissal

I had the pleasure of being assisted by Tamkin Neshat from Employment Law Lawyers Netherlands in Soest, and the experience was truly outstanding. From our first conversation, Tamkin showed understanding and knowledge. Her expertise, professionalism, dedication, and commitment, combined with extremely swift responses towards me and my employer, pleasantly surprised me and provided much support. She took the time to listen to my goals and concerns and ensured that the process, which had previously been sluggish, was streamlined through her clear communication. Because she represented my interests excellently, the contract fully meets my needs.
Thank you very much, Tamkin!

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